Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It has been nearly a year since I've posted last. A lot has happened since then. Too much to cover in just a few lines. it would be enough to say that I've "re-discovered" the reckless, raging fury, that is called God's love for me (us)...
That today, this day, I can fell His relentless affection for me and I am slain by it...
If I ever post again, I shall only speak of it...

May God's peace be with you all...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a very busy season up here on the North Rim, but I do take time to enjoy some beautiful moments along the way...
Like this...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

As winter sets in on the North Rim, it feels so good to be at home! Lot's of work to be done to get ready for spring opening. I'll try to post more often... I promise :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

ISO 14001 Check List

4.1 Procedure 2 - Define Boundary Create facility/operations boundary.
Procedure 3 - Define Facility Locations
Create locations within the facility; update if operational locations are modified.
4.2 Procedure 6 - Environmental Policy
Policy must contain: commitment to continual improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with applicable legal requirements.
Signed by senior manager.
Must be communicated to employees, made available to public.
Procedure 7 - Green Procurement Policy
Policy must contain: commitment to use of green products and statement that green products will be a criteria in determining acceptable products.
Signed by senior manager.
Must be communicated to employees, made available to public.
4.3.1 Procedure 8 - Listing Aspects
Team will identify and create listing of aspects, especially aspects that could have environmental impacts.
Procedure 9 - Identify Environmental Impacts
Identify environmental impacts of listed aspects, updated as required.
Procedure 10 - Ranking & Prioritizing Aspects
Team will rank impacts to determine at least one Significant Aspect; use online ranking tool, or describe in Aspect Justification.
4.3.2 Procedure 5 - Legal and Other Requirements
Team will identify legal/other requirements (Federal, State, Local, Contractual).
4.3.3 Procedure 4 - Define Environmental Objectives
Create Objective Statement; must include compliance w/ all environmental/legal obligations and the use of BMPs whenever possible.
Procedure 11 - Environmental Management Plans
Develop EMPs for each Significant Aspect: Must have realistic Objective, Measurable, Verifiable, Completion Date, Responsible person, document review of EMPs in EMS team meetings.
4.4.1 Procedure 1 - Define EMS Team Create EMS Team, assign roles/responsibilities.
4.4.2 Procedure 12 - Internal Training
Ensure EMS team is aware of EMS system: train all employees on system policies and facility requirements, how their activities effect system objectives and negative consequences, significant aspects, their roles as employees, emergency preparedness; document all training sessions with sign-in sheets, include curriculum, dates and instructor (w/ competency). Identify training needs (matrix).
4.4.3 Procedure 13 - External Communications
Identify how facility will receive, document and respond to external communications.
Processes for release of info; document in Public Contact Policy. Document if facility will communicate externally about significant aspects.
Maintain External Contact Log.
Document: Environmental Policy, Objectives, Targets, Scope (Boundary), EMPs, Records.
4.4.5 Procedure 22 - Document Control
Ensure controlled documents have required doc. control information. Includes SPCC, EAP, HazCOM, etc. Add all to Controlled Doc List.
All changes to controlled documents must have specific CAR.
Ensure all documents listed in Controlled Document List (includes all written plans)
Mark all obsolete documents as "obsolete".
4.4.6 Procedure 14 - Operational Control
Create SOP to guide critical operations of significant aspects.
4.4.7 Procedure 15 - Emergencies and Preparedness
Identify and document potential emergency situations (e.g. SPCC, Emergency Action Plans, HazCOM, Emergency Response Plan, Fire, etc.).
Document all emergencies, if any and evaluate effectiveness of response.
Train employees and document.
Test emergencies with drills and evaluate effectiveness of tests, make any necessary changes to plans.
4.5.1 Procedure 16 - Monitoring and Measurement
Review EMPs at regular EMS team meeting to verify effectiveness and if on target.
Calibrate/maintain special equipment / instrumentation if any.
Retain backup data, manifests, inspections or reports.
4.5.2 Procedure 19 - Regulatory Compliance Audits
Conduct periodic compliance inspections, can be from regulatory agency.
Ensure audit covers all aspects and regulations in Phase 1 (Fed, State, Local, Contractual).
4.5.3 Procedure 17 - Corrective Actions
Must create at least one CAR: create CARs to change controlled documents or document corrective actions.
Procedure 18 - Preventive Actions
Must create at least one PAR: document preventive actions (positive changes to reduce environmental / safety related impacts) via use of PARs.
Approve PARs once completed.
4.5.4 Procedure 23 - Records Management
Maintain system records: including but not limited to training, recycling/waste data, manifests, reports to regulatory agencies, inspection forms, shipping documents and competency information.
4.5.5 Procedure 20 - Management System Audits Conduct Internal Conformance Audit annually.
Complete audit summary.
Correct any findings determined from audit and issue CARs for each.
4.6 Procedure 21 - Management Review Meeting
Conduct Management Review annually, after the Internal Conformance Audit; must include the senior manager and as many of the EMS team as possible; additional topics not in the EMS online tools can be considered.
A statement must be signed by the senior manager that affirms the continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the EMS system.
GENERAL MSDS/Right-To-Know Workstations/HazCOM
Contractor awareness of EMS Policies/MSDS
Review past registration audits to verify non-conformities corrected
All 23 EMS Procedures must be signed and dated by the General Manager.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Night at The Castle

I received an invitation to a New Years Eve, Masquerade Ball...
I didn't know what to think about it at first, but eventually I accepted...
It was to be a "Working Gig"... I was to be the security at the castle gates. Afterwards, I could attend the ball.

All went well at the gates, the costumes were all magnificent!
I must say that there was a Gypsy trying to get in, but she looked like trouble, so I refused her entry.
I did see her inside later on that evening... She didn't recognize me in costume however.

The evening was progressing when all of a sudden a roar was heard, and all went silent...
A beast asked, "Isn't there anyone that would dance with me?"
Everyone was afraid, but a gypsy said, "I will!"...
So the lion and the gypsy danced and danced!
The rest of the story you'll have to use your imagination...
All I can say is, "Gypsy's will steal your heart every time!"

 Check out the Cyber Masquerade Ball yourself by clicking here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The "Day After"

Hope everyone remembers to keep this feeling of "goodwill" all through the rest of the year...

Chrismas and the birth of the "Christ Child" takes place moment by moment in our hearts...
A good friend pointed out to me the other day about the "Virgin Birth"...
It is when one renews their mind, allowing Jesus and the Holy Spirit into their heart. The two then create a "New Creature", growing until the heart gives birth to a "New Christ Child"... "A new mind and heart... His image revealed"...

So when the "Spirt of the holidays" is gone...
Are we going to treat each other with lovingkindness... Like yesterday?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fire In The Sky

It is in the end, that a new beginning is borne...