Wednesday, January 20, 2010

कुएस्त फॉर रिचेस

In this life we tend to loose sight of the important things. What are they? Each of us has a different set of "important things." The shack I am standing in was left behind after the gold rush in Arizona. Nothing but an empty shell. Whoever lived there is long since gone.
Sometimes we get so caught up in the pursuit of things that leave us just like that little shack. An empty shell. That no matter how we try we just can't seem to find the right furnishings to fill it up. An old worn out couch, a spool for a coffee table, and nailed up curtains. The illusion of fulfillment. Yet always wanting.
A man once said "Set your mind on Heavenly Things" and "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."
Chase after the "Important Things" and find out for your self, what is self and nonself.


  1. Love needs no furniture to fill me up.

  2. Mike: That was an interesting piece with a neat photo to see.