Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The adventures of a Gypsy and a Garbage Man…

Another weekend arrived and that was our queue… Loaded up the truck and headed down the hill for another adventure and get some shopping done while we were at it.

DSCF9543 (1024x768)

We got to the Visitors Center, Picked up my jr ranger book, of course, and headed out side to look around…

DSCF9541 (768x1024)

The first person I met was this guy… He was pretty silent but it was obvious he liked the attention…

DSCF9540 (768x1024)

Here he is getting his head scratched… He stood there real still while I scratched behind his horns…

DSCF9545 (768x1024)

The next was this little pony in disguise… maybe he was wanted for something… I didn’t ask… We then looked around a bit at the bunk houses

DSCF9547 (1024x768)

This is one of them, east I believe…

DSCF9546 (1024x768)

Then we went to the “Fortress” proper… This was built directly over a natural spring…

DSCF9561 (1024x768)

Inside view of the front door… “Windsor Castle” is it’s name… Established in 1870 as a Mormon Tithing Ranch. Butter, cheese, and cattle were taken to St. George, UT. Also it was used for the protection of the polygamists from the federal marshals…

DSCF9572 (1024x768)

Out of everything in the house, the coolest thing was this cup made so you wouldn’t dip your mustache in your hot tea…

DSCF9549 (1024x768)

The next person we ran across was this duck… All he said was that his name was not “Daffy”…

DSCF9612 (1024x768)

Here is a reconstruction of a Piute dwelling… Almost looks like a sweat lodge…

DSCF9615 (1024x768)

Oh yea, getting sworn in for the third time as a jr ranger… This time they snuck in the part about eating all my veggies and cleaning my room…

DSCF9619 (768x1024)

The badge is what sets it off, don’t you think?

DSCF9679 (1024x768)

On the way home we had some tricky driving… But we got through it all just fine…

DSCF9717 (1024x768)

And so the sun set on yet another adventure for our fearless duo… Gaelyn took all the pictures and I did all the driving…Check out the video she took of us crossing an over flowing wash. So I think on our next days off we’ll spin the wheel… Round, round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!

I am what I am


  1. I love our adventures into the unknown. We always have fun wherever we go though. Don't forget your pledge to clean your room. Any one of them will do, especially as the RV is just one big room. Thanks for saving me from the roaring flood. Maybe next time I can do a bit of driving.

  2. I love the net over the horse Mike. They should make them for humans to keep away the mosquitoes!! :)

    That cup HAS to be the greatest!! LOL!! Never heard of anything like it or seen one before. I wonder if they still make them!! LOL!!

    Congrats on the certificate, you are doing real well!!

  3. Congrats on the certificate. Is that a highwayhorse that left the highwayman behind? Great idea though to keep the flies away. I agree with Joan that cup has to be something else, what a wonderful idea. Diane

  4. Looks like a cool visitor center with the animals and all. Very sweet that you gave the steer some attention. You and Gaelyn sure have fun adventures!

  5. You guys totally rock. Congrats on your certificate - Job Well Done!

  6. Mike: Great photos of the trip. Was that a girl horse with a Muslim headdress?

  7. And what a duo you are! Looks like a great place.

  8. such an interesting place to visit. congrats on your badge ;-)
    great series of photos.

  9. It's evident that you are enjoying your life :)

  10. So, where was this place? You didn't mention the name of it in your story. Love the cup!