Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why am I always doing these crazy things

Yesterday I went for a hike down off the rim. It was a fairly strenuous endeavor… Well for me any way!

Actually got to meet some really nice people on the way. Something about the wild places that can bring out the

best in people… maybe it’s because they leave their pride behind…

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This view is from the Kiabab trail just off the rim… Beautiful isn’t it?

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Going a little farther now… Roaring Springs Canyon is below in this view… I’m going in…

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This is where it got a little discouraging… 85 degrees and rising… The thermometer on the wall is at the out door rest rooms… Though I just don’t see how you could “rest” much as the compost toilets are pretty stinky! Oh well…

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Here I am at the Supai tunnel, a man made (or woman made, I don’t know) tunnel, blasted through the rock many years ago. Guess you’ll have to Google it to find out how long ago…

I went as far as the Red Wall Bridge, sorry about not having any pics of it as the one thing I didn’t bring was extra batteries for my camera… Brought plenty of water, which is a MUST while hiking anywhere. EEven gave some away along the trail as some people would rather take extra batteries and not enough water… Go figure!


It was a wonderful hike and hope to be able to do a lot more of this during my time here!

                                                                                               I am what I am


  1. You did good honey. Maybe next time you'll bring some extra Lithium batteries along, they're lighter than the regular ones. ;)

  2. Almost sounds like fun there Mike. I always make sure the batteries are the first thing I put in and would probably have forgotten the water, even worse, the camera!! :)

  3. Mike: There you are in nature and still being a great guy.

  4. I learned my lesson about taking enough water the first season I was here. I went out to the Widforss Trail, in uniform, and didn't take enough water. How embarassing it was for me to have to ask other hikers for water. Never again for me, I always take too much now.

  5. Fantastic views! I agree, bringing water is the most important thing. And, maybe bring two sets of extra batteries just in case.

  6. Looks wonderful, Mike. Your landscape sure does make a lot of demands on you, doesn't it? Really rugged and beautiful.