Monday, May 31, 2010

A few days in paradise

One of the places that I’ve been in my life is the Grand Canyon… I lived and worked there in 1991.Copy of SCAN0016 (800x670)

Seems like a long time ago…

I was batching and delivering concrete for the construction of the Back Country Offices and parking facilities. The South Rim had a view of the other side, and so like is often the case, I dreamed about being able to see the grass that I was sure was greener on the other side…

Copy of grand view (800x600)

Well, it has been 19 years, but I finally made it! The wait was well worth it, cause when I was younger, this was just a big hole in the ground.

  Copy of PICT0058 (800x600)

When I walked out the Bridle Trail, I turned the corner and caught sight of the Bright Angel Point… The pic doesn’t do it justice at all. When I saw it, the first thing I wanted to do was to stand on the big rock at the end…

Copy of PICT0053 (800x600)

So here I am, standing on Bright Angel Point… Cool view eh?

Copy of PICT0059 (800x600)

Oh yea, this view is on the other trail, if I remember right, that is the bottom end of Roaring Springs Canyon.

Copy of PICT0061 (800x600)

This is the lodge, seen from the trail below. It’s a really cool place too, and I got to see a Ranger Program on the back Sun Porch

Copy of PICT0042 (600x800)

Just in case you don’t know, this is Ranger Gealyn Olmsted. She is giving a talk on the geology of the Grand Canyon. It was an excellent program and I learned allot about rocks and the way they were laid down in layers, cool!

Copy of PICT0034 (800x600)

This is a good example of the layering…

Copy of PICT0005 (600x800)

On the walk back I saw something that brought a song to mind… You know the one, “Lean on me… when your not strong… and I’ll be your friend!” Something about the way the stronger tree was holding up his dying brother…

Copy of PICT0008 (800x600)

Then I went to another Ranger Program, a evening campfire and talk about the pottery in the region… Cool stuff and there were some really good pieces made…

PICT0036 (800x554)

So that was pretty much what I did for a few days, Oh yea, had some real “Quality Time”!

I am what I am…


  1. You should be a Park Ranger. Except that's not Roaring Springs Canyon that's Bright Angel Canyon. I'll give you a few more visits to get it all right.

  2. Great pictures! I enjoyed seeing Ranger Gaelyn at work, the amazing canyon and the "lean on me" tree.

  3. Mike: It was a fun trip for sure, definitely a place I like to see.

  4. Hi Mike, so glad you revisited after all these years. And now there's a sweet Ranger to be with as well! Good on becoming a Junior Ranger.

  5. Oh and I LOVE your header! Where is that?

  6. Just visited from Gaelyns's site. Congrats on becoming a Junior Ranger. Best of luck. Diane

  7. Love that wonderful Ranger you have there Mike. Seems like someone I should meet. :)

    Great shots here of this beautiful place and I am glad you finally got to go back there.

  8. A long journey in time to make it and a once in a lifetime place to visit. You got the best of both worlds.

  9. the north rim in a magical place. great journey to get there for anyone who has dreamed the dream. thanks! here via ladyfi.

  10. Hey hey Congrats junior ranger Mike..and nice blog here..

  11. Gaelyn, do I have to give the badge back?

  12. Congrats to you and yours Diane... coll being a grandparent isn't it?

  13. You earned your badge Mike and can keep it. Hopefully we can collect more of them together.

  14. Hi, I'm over from Gaelyn's blog. I've hiked in the Grand Canyon quite a few times, and I find that the more I see and learn about it, the more interesting it becomes. Congrats on your Jr. ranger badge!

  15. Jo, that is a place called "Rainbow Bridge". There are only two ways to get there, By water, via a two and a half hour boat ride. Or hike in from a place called "Navajo Mountain"

  16. Thanks to every one for the visit!