Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thank You!

When I first started this adventure in blog land I had no idea how much fun it would be and how much I would learn.

As time went by, I was given suggestions by Gaelyn, on some blogs I should check out. I did and have had the privilege

to be associated and become friends with some really good people!

My blog has grown to 9 followers, doesn’t sound like much, but you have to consider the quality of those followers!

There is Geogypsy, Gaelyn, who was my “Mentor” in this blog-o-rama. She has been and always will be my source of inspiration for a better blog… besides that, she has captured my heart and filled it with love everlasting!

   And some one I have grown close to is Joan from SAPhotographs. Joan your blog is outstanding! Your photos are of the highest quality and very beautiful.:) I feel that our friendship is one that is very special, I have been blessed to know you!

And of course Jo, of memorable meanders, We got to meet as a result of a separation that was a blessing in disguise…  When Gaelyn was gone for a month, it wound up cementing our relationship. She got to go on a wonderful hike with your son and one thing led to another… I give you great respect for your living conditions, being a stranger in a strange land, so far from your home, and yet you still make the best of what is given! Your strong faith is an inspiration to me!

    And a fellow blogger from Arizona is Diane AZ, You have an excellent eye for capturing the moment… The pics I have seen and the text to describe are wonderful! Thank you…

Bhavesh Chhatbar from India you are a brother and fellow soul! Thank you for all the beautiful posts… they always invoke a feeling of peace! Your thoughts are such that they provide a place for thoughts in others. Walk in beauty my friend!

  Who can forget Fabgrandma, Karen, you and Jim are wonderful people and good friends! I am so glad I got the chance to spend some time with you both, it was a really good time! Thank you for that!

To my friend Tom, Fishing Guy, Thank you for your true friendship! Your way of putting things in perspective is wonderful!

I feel that I am a better person for having known you… Thank you!

  There are a couple others, Raquel Cruso’, Lorac, and Anonymous from Louisiana, Thank you for listening to my wanderings, there are more to come…


       I just wanted to say that I am blessed and privileged to have such a great group of followers. I haven’t been able to post as often as I would like as I have been very busy at work.

My day begins at 2::00 am when then alarm wakes me, so it’s early to bed and even earlier to rise…

    I will try to get at least one post a week, and to all the blogs I follow, I will try to read at least once a week, on dial-up it is so time consuming to try to keep up with all I would like. Every body always has such great posts, it’s hard to decide who’s to read after I've read Gaelyn’s blog. By the way baby… I love you!


   Once again I would like to give thanks to all you bloggers and friends for a wonderful trip so far… I am what I am!


  1. Thanks sweetie, you're the Best. One more suggestion, create a link to these followers.

  2. Sorry about not linking you all... I've only done it once and I can't find my cheat sheet... I will try...

  3. Hi Mike, It's great that you enjoy blogging since you have such cool things to share. I'm happy we are friends.

  4. Thank you for your kind words Mike. It has been a pleasre and great experience reading your blog and gettng to know you too. Keep up the great blog. I had three followers for about 8 months before mine started taking off so keep at it my fiend and have patience, more folowers will come and you already have more than I had. :)

  5. Mike: I am very happy to be on the list and to be considered a friend. We do have a kindred spirit in our thoughts and love of nature.

  6. Mike, I've enjoyed every post you've put on your blog, & I definately look forward to many more in the future. But don't let a blog overtake your life & time, no matter how much we all enjoy reading it! Apparently you've found someone very special to enjoy your life with, & I think you should make that part of life your priority. Just don't completely forget about all of us who follow & enjoy your blog so much!!! And thank you for including me as a friend.
    Much peace & happiness to you & Geogypsy.
    I'm not a member of Google Friend Connect, or do I have a blog, so I guess I shall remain the anonymous.....
    ~Louisiana reader~