Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Showdown at the O.K. Corral

The sun was high in the sky that day…

A light breeze blew in from the east, and the smell of Ostrich was in the air.

A Gypsy had come into town all the way from America… heard that there was an Ostrich that was said couldn’t be ridden.

The time had come, it was do or die…

a4114 Gaelyn mounting ostrich in shute Cango Ostrich Farm R328 Oudtshoorn Little Karoo Western Cape ZA

All the other Ostriches were terrified! It was Geogypsy, the famous Ostrich buster!

Tensions mounted… a hooded bird, Geogypsy at the ready, and far away, a dog barked.

a4118 Gaelyn riding ostrich Cango Ostrich Farm R328 Little Karoo Western Cape ZA

Off they went! Being chased by two cowboys, or should I say, Wranglers. The Ostrich took off at break neck speeds. Nobody knew what was going to happen… Everyone held their breath and covered their eyes!  The battle was on!

a4119 Gaelyn falling off ostrich Cango Ostrich Farm R328 Little Karoo Western Cape ZA

After a series of mad dashes, the Ostrich knew that he had been bested. And the Geogypsy dismounted with a victory shout!

a4120 Gaelyn in ostrich pen Cango Ostrich Farm R328 Little Karoo Western Cape ZA

“I have won the day Ostrich!”  “Victory is mine!” All the while her two trusty sidekicks stood there, bewildered, in awe that that Black Bart had met his match…


a4079 Ostrich kabob & salad Cango Ostrich Farm R328 Oudtshoorn Little Karoo Western Cape ZA  

And of course, the spoils to the victor!

It was a day that the Ostriches would never forget! The day that the Geogypsy came to town lookin’ for a showdown. They write songs and tell stories to their children about that day.

         And that is the legend of Geogypsy, Ostrich buster…Some say,if you listen closely to the wind, you can hear the sound of Ostriches feet stomping the ground…



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  1. Oh, those poor birdies! That was an interesting read.

  2. LOL!! What an absolutely wonderful post Mike!! I had a good laugh to start off my day. I hope that Gypsy does not give you hell for posting these pictures of her but her triumph needs to be lauded!! What a brave lady she is!! I can see the dust and the fur (okay feathers) flying, the poor exhausted Ostrich submitting to her charms. It never had a chance against her!! :)

  3. That bird didn't stand a chance! And I took away the spoils plus mighty good eatin' too. Thanks for the praise, but, shucks, it was nothin'.

  4. BTW, I will get even for this.

  5. Hey now! Remember it was you that gave me permission... should've known I'd pull a stunt like that! :)

  6. Geogypsy is very brave, I'm not surprised she was victorious.

  7. Mike: Gaelyn was braver then me, I would never try to bust an ostrich or a horse to be truthful.

  8. Oops!! I thought this was going to happen!! LOL!!

    BTW nice to see you now adding pics Mike.

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog today, friend.

  10. Michael,
    Thanks for your comment today.

  11. That was good fun; well done, Mike!

  12. I think you version of the story is much better that that of the actualy Ostrich Buster.

  13. At last!... the truth about that fateful day.

  14. Too funny,
    Bad Day at Black Rock----I hear the wind. MB