Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Blessingway, a path to Long Life Happiness

In this life there is a ceremony going on with all creation. Time is only the next "movement" in this ceremony. The "Blessing Way Ceremony" is just one "movement" in the dance of everlasting beauty.
The first step in introducing you to this ceremony is to tell you the story of how Coyote got himself killed.

Coyote was a bright, very curious, creative being. But he also was very "hungry" and was always running around looking for something to "eat". Someone who played both sides, showing early hunters how to catch and kill animals.
Many Humans have somewhat of a Coyote in them. We are imaginative, but always hungry. Getting ideas and plunging into action head first.
We, like Coyote, sometimes act without being mindful of results and hurt others and ourselves.
Greed and violence make Coyote sick. He steps outside the normal predator prey relationships.
But by getting himself killed, he creates a bridge between humans and Long Life Happiness.

Coyote, being very curious by nature, was watching the birds and thinking about the advantages of being able to fly.
So he began to speak with the bird people, "How come you can fly? How do you do it? Tell me your secrets!" To this the birds replied, "We are birds, we are supposed to fly. You are Coyote. You are not supposed to fly. Creator made you a coyote and you are to live as you are."
But Coyote did not change. He persisted with his questioning, and probing, and "scientific" investigations.
He even went so far as to try to force the bird people to bestow upon him something they could not. He wanted them to declare him a bird.
He had imagined who he could catch, and how much he could eat by being able to fly. His actions got so bad, the bird people got together and decided that something had to be done, if coyote could fly, things would be very bad for everyone.
So the Hawks dove down and shot him with feathered arrows and he died.
After sometime he was found by Horned Toad. Horned Toad said, "Poor coyote, he didn't know what he was doing. He should not be dead."
So Horned Toad called together the plant people, the bird people, all the animal people. They had great discussions and it was decided to let Coyote live again.
Water, plants, the whole of creation helped the arrogant one, introduced by his own behavior to suffering and death, to live again.
A healing ceremony began in a place called Narrow Canyon, Coyote himself was the first one sung over in the Coyote Way (Blessing Way) ceremony.

I will go through the major points of the ceremony beginning with the next post. It will take many parts to get through it all as it is a ceremony that lasts several nights and days.
Until next time, I am what I am....and that is different than yesterday, and hopefully not the same as tomorrow.


  1. Mike: Coyote was like a lot of people who want what they can't have.

  2. I love coyote stories, he's always learning and teaching us something new.

    Look forward to more of the Blessing Way.