Monday, April 19, 2010

Coyote Way Blessing Way Ceremony Part 2

Te'aanagha' Bikah' hozoni, Long Life Happiness One. This is the name for the one who spoke all things into being. Te'aanagha' means something like always being of the best quality, not failing in health, always being in a good mood, that sort of idea. It is the male side, having a strong sense of direction and purpose. A sacred way of life that goes on and on, " Long Lived One."
Bikah' hozoni, is the female side, letting us know that we are loved and cared for. Feeling that we belong. Happiness is such a feeling.
When one gets out of balance with the earth, oneself, and the Creator, coming back to "life" is a process. The day moves from morning, noon and evening, and night. And it is the same with creating happiness. When a person is happy they smile, are content, and feels inner peace and joy.
The more happiness you have the better. As one gets closer to the Creator, one is given more and more ho'zho', long life happiness, through what has been given you.

When a deer or some other animal gets hurt, they lay down somewhere that they can be still, and healing begins. Healing is a simple and natural thing. The point is to be healed.
Humbleness is a good attitude for what is natural. Knowing that all is not known by any one except the Creator alone. Allowing one to get in touch with the ceremonies that are going on, around and inside us.
In my mind, I know that a person should feel free, valued and respected, and have an inner sense of worth. Enjoy every bit of food and swallow, giving thanks for the nourishment. Recognizing my gifts, and knowing that my life matters. Truly alive, vital with eyes shinning. My mind totally comprehending what is going on, and fully awake every moment. On the right path toward fulfillment, with a clear sense of purpose. Spirit filled, inspired, fully aware and in touch with the deepest reality, Te'aanagha' Bikah' hozoni.
In short, Ho'zho'.

Now having said that, There is no way that I feel that way 100% of the time. Nor do I think that anybody else does either. IT ISN'T NECESSARY!! The only necessity is that I am moving towards ho'zho'.
I feel as created, spiritual beings, we have to look beneath the surface of life and try to understand it better. Too many times people just live superficial lives, far away of what is natural and what the creator has given us in nature. Losing sight of who and what we are meant to be, and never having what was intended for us. Intentionally moving away from what is given and denying our true identity.
Looking deeply is just the start. When "going with the flow" ceases, we can be brought back to what is given and who we were meant to be... people that are selfless lovers.
That is the set up, next we move to the ceremony proper.
I am what I am


  1. It sounds like you wrote this for me Mike. I am like the deer......

  2. I agree that "healing is a simple and natural thing." We can understand so much by watching nature. Wild animals don't fret about the past or future like humans do, they just live in the moment.

  3. Mike: This has been a bad day for me fighting a migraine. I tend to rest when I'm not feeling well in order to allow for the healing.

  4. Your words bless me tonight. Thank you for sharing these healing insights. I will lie down and heal. Right now.

  5. Blessed again by your words tonight. Thank you. Good night, my friend.