Sunday, April 4, 2010

The "Great Awakening"

It was dark that night, in the garden. A man was being tormented by the most important decision of his young life. Just in his early thirties, he was carrying the weight of the world. The decision was simple, the cost... everything.
You know the story, who doesn't in this day and age. The Physical example of the spiritual reality has been twisted by mankind for over two millennium.
The hope of Easter is a stone being rolled away, and an empty grave being all that is left.
I say why wait until you are dead to have your "stone" rolled away. The concept of death having no hold on us is true in my mind and heart. But people can walk around "dead" all their lives without even knowing it. Not realizing that the same spirit of life that is within all of us is the one that rolls away stones to reveal empty graves.
Our lives are eternal because they are all part of the same life that has been from everlasting to everlasting. The rub has always been when people tried to use " exclusive availability" to exert power over other people. The example of " first man" walking through the garden in the cool of the afternoons, with Long Life Happiness, takes care of that argument. "Exclusive availability" is a lie.
The only condition if you can call it one, is "Living" faith. If faith in itself has no power, only the object of that faith, may or may not. So it seems to me that faith in life would always be better than that which is not.
The "stone", that we sometimes place over what we have fashioned out of our hearts, can be rolled away by the renewing of our minds and hearts with that love that comes from The Most High Power Whose Ways Are Beautiful.
The concept of the resurrection has many different interpretations. But there is something in the fact that people can change in ways that they become " reborn". Reborn to a new life due to the realization that they are all one part of the Long Life Happiness, the eternal life. And joy and loving kindness abounds in their hearts and manifests in their lives.
My prayer for this Easter Sunday is this:
Mankind would wake up. Wake up to the realization that we all are children who need to mature so that we as a whole could resurrect our hearts, and all walk in beauty that we might achieve the highest love that ends all strife among people. Not just world peace, that is a by product of love, but the love that heals wounds, without scars.
I hope that this Easter, everyone remembers one thing. That it was love that spoke all things into being, and that love is available to all. Your stone doesn't have to remain in place...
I am what I am


  1. I believe that there are way too many people that do not understand that they have the power within them to be happy. We as humans have the choice each and every day to be happy or not, to be loving or not. What we make of our choices is up to us.

  2. Love really can conqueor all and is sononimous with life, or should be. A very good choice to make.

  3. Mike: A wonderful look into the importance of the acceptance of what has been sacrificed for us this Easter.

  4. Another great post Mike. You are right about us being able to change our circumstances but this is a heavy stone I have been carrying around with me for a long, long time now....

  5. Walking in beauty, loving the beautiful--reasons enough to wake up!

  6. You really are, what you are, Mike! And you are super-amazing!

  7. You look cool in the new profile pic :)