Friday, April 2, 2010

The vision

I sat on the ground one day and had a vision of my self, I was inside as well as outside

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We came to the conclusion that we needed to build a sweat house, so we began to speak it into existence. We said, “Let us build a sweat house, that we might gain wisdom and knowledge, learn mercy and compassion, and have a threshing floor, a place where the wheat is separated from the chaff.”

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Here it is. We used eight poles for the main support structure and then filled in the spaces with smaller ones. They are all locked together at the top. The bark from the poles was used for chinking and the dirt dug out of the floor was filled over the outside to about the height of about two feet. A layer of roofing shingles, chicken wire, and eight, eighty pound bags of pre mix , fiber reinforced, stucco. The floor is dug out to the depth of about two and a half feet, and a small hole dug to the right of the door where the grandfathers will be seated.


The sage was lit, and a blessing was sent to the four directions. The grandfathers were blessed with the smoke, all four directions around the sweat house. A blessing with corn pollen followed next. Then a prayer for thanksgiving.


Then we went inside to do the same thing. Smoke out the four directions and the place where the grandfathers sit.

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All this was done with great mindfulness of the miracle of the creation, and thankfulness to the Most High Power Whose Ways Are Beautiful.

This is a place where loving kindness abounds, where there is no judgment, only truth, individual and collective. A place where one can leave oneself behind and meet oneself anew. A place of rebirth and renewal. A gift from the Holy People, for our behalf…

I would like to thank Gaelyn, who I love, for taking the pictures and showing me how to….

I am what I am


  1. I can hardly wait for Saturday nights sweat in this most special of places.

  2. Your posts have been so interesting since the beginning, but the addition of the pictures seem to bring what you are writing about to life! May you and your special friend find peace, comfort and togetherness during your time in the sweat lodge. Looking forward to more writings and pictures in your blog, as well as pictures from your special friends travels on hers.
    'Louisiana Reader'

  3. Great post, Michael! I love the images that show your vision of being inside and outside. Also glad to learn about how you made the sweat house and see what it looks like.

  4. Love the pics too Mike and will be thinking of you both on Saturday night. Hugs.

  5. I have never seen a photo of a sweat lodge so did not know what to expect. this is something new to me. Thank you for sharing it so I can learn more about it.

  6. Mike: A wonderful look at the structure you built for the ceremony.

  7. How authentic....blessings to all who may release may pores appropriating a true experience of self and well being!
    Blessings to sweat! Julie A.

  8. That was amazing. Thanks for showing us how, too.