Friday, March 26, 2010

Sweathouse is here, it is finished

Before I get to that I would like to thank a man named Wayne, he is a friend of mine who lives up in dine' country. The story was passed by him, in the sweat house, to an Anglo man named Da ga' shi' chee, My mustache is red. The one you know as blog with no name...

Now, on to the sweat house I have been building. It's finished! I don't know how to do a post with pictures yet, but the one who does gets home in four days.
I think that it came out really well. And the next time there will be pictures so you can see for yourselves...

This is the point of this post:
This is an open invitation to all who read this, If ever you are in need of a good sweat, it would be an honer to share my sweat house with you and suffer along with you for whatever you need prayer for. Also, if there is something that you need prayer for, and cannot be here to participate, all you have to do is email me a this address,, and I will suffer in your stead. When I say suffer, don't worry! I'm just saying, "earnest prayer in an uncomfortable situation", not martyrdom.
Anyway that's all I have for now, next time you'll see... maybe next Thurs. or Fri.

I am what I am


  1. Gaelyn knows my story and I am REALLY in need of those prayers Mike. I wish I lived near enough to join the two of you in it.

    It is her last day here and I am going to miss her.I am hoping that she will come back next year and maybe bring you with. There is still so much I want to take her to see.

  2. Sounds like an interesting experience. It takes stepping out of my own traditions to think of prayer as a physical experience.

  3. I will be in need of a good sweat by the weekend. May we not suffer too much.

    And yes, I'll make sure you have photos.

    Hugs Sweetie.

  4. Oh that is so great of you, indeed!

    My prayer is a bit odd, but see if you can suffer on my behalf. I want the earth to be free from the virus named human being. See if you can pray for this. My prayer doesn't mean the transfer of the humans to any other planet, as the ecology of each planet is important in its native state, and humans will imbalance that. I want all human beings to become nothing.

    Let me know if you are accepting prayers only by email, and not in the comment boxes :)

    You have a GODly feeling, really!



  5. Mike: What a neat offer, I had someone who suffered in my stead and we celebrated his act yesterday.