Sunday, March 21, 2010


The woman and her son thought that life was going pretty good. Until one day they were discovered. They had to leave their home and they traveled past Ship rock to the other side of the Carrizos. There the youth built his mother another house, as he had become a bood builder by this time. Today you can see a ruin high up on the rock, it is called Kine'gauge.
Soon the seeds and berries from the plants became scarce. and the woman told her son that they must go south if the Carrizos to a place called Beck shi'bi tqo, Cow springs, where people lived at a place called Kiet seel.
When the woman and her son climbed to the top of the mountain Dzil li'jin, the Black Mtn., they all of a sudden came upon a man gathering wood and wrapping it into a bundle.
They had startled the man where he almost lost his breath. The man was the head of the little village of Kiet seel.
He tied a bundle for the woman and her son and put some loose pieces on top, and they all headed for Kiet seel. When they arrived, the man took the loose pieces and laid them down near his house, and took the three bundles inside.
When he came back out he had a quantity of food that he gave to the two. He told them to burn the wood then he went back inside after telling them to camp next to his house.
So the two built a fire and ate their fill and went to sleep.
They were no sooner asleep, when some boys came, even some grown men and women. They bothered them all night by throwing sticks and stones, mud and water, even ashes.
The next day the two prepared to leave, but they returned the wood that they had burned for the mother had said, "The man who gave us the food must be a kind man." So they brought back more wood, but this time the food was barely enough to feed them.
They camped a little further away and all that night they received cruel treatment at the hands of the people.
The next day they brought more wood, but they only received one scrap each. So the two had gone to bed hungry. Soon the boys came and played every cruel trick that they could think of, pulling their hair, burning them with sticks etc. On the next day when they brought more wood they were given nothing for their work.
So the woman and her son left that place and went south to Ya'Kin, where again they came upon a man gathering wood. And the same thing happened to them for four nights...
So they left that place and went to a place called O'zeye.
When they neared that place they once again found a man gathering wood. He seemed pleased to see them. Same thing as before, he tied up a bundle for each and they headed for the mans house. Upon arrival they were taken inside the house and given lots of food and even some to carry away. They were told to camp outside next to his house.
When they were trying to sleep, the same cruel treatment was given to them. They just cried and hugged each other all night. On the fourth night they camped even farther away and the boys did not find them until almost dawn. So they only had to endure for a little while.
So at sunrise they headed out to a place called Tala hogan and made a shelter out of the bark of trees. But this time it was the girls who were teasing the woman and her son about a husband. For the youth had grown tall and handsome.
They would come by saying things like, "I choose him to be my husband" and "NO, I saw him first, he is to be MY husband". And this went on and on.
To avoid this harassment, the young man would start out early to hunt for rabbits or what ever else he could find.
One day when he returned, his mother told him this....

Well from here the story gets pretty wild, so more later... I am what I am