Saturday, March 6, 2010

"The Whos last reunion tour"

I remember when I lived in California, the rock band, The Who, were planning their last tour and then were going to call it quits. They were a band that had been at the grindstone for a long time. So I figured that this would be a chance to see the guys that did alot of the soundtrack from the movie of my life, thrashing about as a teenager "On the streets of Bakersfield". Anyway, long story short, the things that I had to go through at work, at home, everything. It was somewhere between the quest for the Holy Grail and Harold and Khumar go to Whitecastle. It was going to be for me a once in a lifetime, as they were retiring, so they said... Well in that same spirt, I'm continuing my series on the sweathouse. There's still too much to share and discover, and through that some other rabitts might run across our path. The last leg of the journey was fun for me, I hope that it was for you as well. This leg of the trip is going to get alot deeper... hope your ready. I am what I am


  1. Mike: I would expect no less then you would share who you are. I bet you are feeling some parting pains right now.

  2. We all "of a certain age" have had an awesome sound track to our lives. Some of those songs bring back such strong memories for me it is like being there in that place and that time all over again. Wow!

    My ex-sister-in-law lived in Bakersfield for a while. Wonder if you knew her?

  3. For me the monumental song was, and still is, White Bird by Beautiful Day.
    Love you.