Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hozo'go Nasa'do

Hozo'go nasa'do, tasi akenahotle'do nasa'do. Oops, sometimes I forget where I am.
Happily may I walk, thus becoming again may I walk.
This is part of a prayer from a "Night Way" cerimony. The "Night Way" is a nine day sing that is for healing. Consisting of daily "sessions" where a person is sung over, while lying on a sand painting that is later scooped up. A daily sweat. Which in itself is no small matter. And on the fifth nite the all nite sings occur. And continue until the nineth nite. Each "day" being from sundown to sundown.
Taking place in the late fall, and continuing throughout the winter. These "sings" are held no mater the weather conditions, ( can't scare the Yei Bi Chei, or Talking God, cause they bring the weather.)
Back to the daily sweat. It is done just after the first prayer session at dawn. What a way to start your day. Having someone pray over you, and then a trip to the sweathouse. That's what I call living!
Although, in the context of what is being done, the sweat house can and will get pretty rough at times. Afterall, your trying to cure illness, and castaway all that is evil or a better word is ugly. You know, the way humans behave sometimes.
Dine' belive that illness is caused by behavior and attitude. Either our own or somebody elses. The sweat is good for attitude adjustment as well as detoxification.
Lets say a little about Talking God. I can tell you that there are alot of likenesses to the Son of Man. Both are considered to be our interceders. Both talk to the "Father" in our behalf. Both are in the likeness and fullness of the creator. I could go on, like how they both were the spoken word. The Son being with and was... and Talking God speaking himself into existance. You get the point...
I just don't see a conflict between the two, maybe one in the same, along with alot of other names...
On the nineth nite is when Talking God and the Yei Bi Chei show up. Their part of the cerimony is an all nite "chantway" lasting untill just before the dawn. They are there to concolidate the whole nine days of prayer and sweating, and over fourhundred songs that have been sung in the past eight days, and make, through their chanting, all the corrections if any that need to be made in the sand paintings or the words to the songs. Remember, the medicine men must know somewhere around one thousand songs, and be able to pick the right ones for the situation. So one can see that help is needed.
This is the time when it all comes together, when it all "pays off" so to speak. More than just the one being sung over gets the benifit. Everyone present, has the same opportunity for a healing. When "they" are singing and dancing, everyones attention is on "them". Just their presence alone is enough to chase away ugliness, let alone when "they" begin shake the rattle and chant in a language of their own. I was told that if Talking God or a Yei Bi Chei spoke directly to you in human speach, that your mind couldn't take it and you might go crazy.
"They" taught the "Holy People" the songs and the "Holy People" taught them to "The surface of the Earth Poeple", or Dine'.
Anyway, that Groundhog and Talking God must be up to something, or somebody's having a "Night Way" because I hear thunder and it's snowing outside... I am what I am...


  1. I guess I need someone to chant over me so my arms will stop hurting. I am going to see the medical doctor tomorrow--say a prayer over that for me.

  2. Amazing to read through and know so much new. Really interesting!


  3. I didn't know the ceremony lasted nine days or about the sand painting, Talking God or Yei Bi Chei. It's all very interesting.

  4. Mike: Beautiful story of the people,may this stirring of memories be sent far and wide.

  5. I'm eagerly waiting to read more. You are doing a great job because this blog is such excellent reading! I'm hoping you'll be posting pictures soon, perhaps when your friend returns from Africa.
    'Louisiana reader'

  6. Truly the "song" will bring beauty.

  7. Another very interesting post Mike. I would think that these are incredible experiences.