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Well it's a lazy day, not much going on so I'll continue the story... Besides I said that it was a long one, and the more I can tell in one day the farther along I'll be when the work week starts again and it's early to bed and even earlier to rise....

We left when the Holy person and the youth were at the house of the Mountain People. He had been washed and was ready to be dressed...
Then the Sun came. The Man Of The Mountain wanted to dress the youth. But the Sun said," No, he is my son and I will dress him myself." Then White Bead Woman came and said," If he is the Son of the Sun, than he is my child also, and I will dress him myself."
The four Holy Beings had different minds, they were changeable.
There are four sections to the chant that was being sung by White Bead Woman while she dressed the youth.
White Bead Woman's chant
She dressed me with her White Bead Moccasins
She dressed me with her White Bead Leggings
She dressed me with her White Bead Garment
She dressed me with her White Bead Bracelets
She dressed me with her White Bead Earrings
She dressed me with the perfect White Bead called Ha'da tehe which she had on her forehead
She dressed me with the perfect crystals of pollen, the Beautiful Goods Pollen, which are her words, and with which I can call for beautiful goods and pollen and they will come to me at my word
She dressed me with the turquoise feather, on top of which sits the Blue Bird with his beautiful song
I am dressed like The Most High Power Whose Ways Are Beautiful
All is beautiful before me
All is beautiful behind me
All is beautiful around me
All is beautiful everywhere

This chant was repeated, then sung two more times with a change. "I am dressed" instead of "She dressed me".
After all of this the Sun and White Bead Woman went back to their home. Then the Man of the Mountain gave the youth blue gum, powdered flower petals and pinon gum, and then gathered four herbs for his medicine.
From the East, a plant called Tlo cho ae tso, which had black flowers was gathered. From the South, a plant called Cholchin ilt ai, it had white flowers. From the West, a plant called Aze bi' ni i, medicine of the mind. It is a very poisonous herb that is said to cause insanity, akin to loco weed. From the North, a plant called Aze tlo' hi, it had yellow flowers. The flowers from the North had their mouths open and laughed when touched. It was called The Laughing Medicine and it was the medicine used by the Gambler among others.
Then the youth learned the chants that the Gambler used. After that the Man of the Mountain gathered up pieces of all the beautiful goods that were inside Tlo che whee tso, a small mountain below San Fransisco peak, and wrapped them into a bundle and gave them to the youth. All the trash that he saw upon entering the first room had become piles of beautiful goods and food. Then the Man of the Mountain told the youth to do this:
Climb to the top of a mountain called Dzil net chee, Red Side Mountain. Shoot an arrow into a deer bush, into four different bushes eaten by deer. This he did, and then he was told to draw the arrows out and place them pointing back in the direction in which they came. This was the price he had to pay for learning the chants, and for the medicine.
From Red Side Mountain, the Rainbow took him back to the doorway of his mother. When he entered, his mother ran past him and looked around outside but saw nobody else.
She grabbed him and asked," Where is my son, what have you done with him. Didn't I say that you would take him from me?" Then the young man said, " Mother, it is I." She did not understand,and asked him again, shaking him. She did this four times, each time becoming more and more excited. Then the young man said," Mother, don't you hear, I am your son!"
Then she fixed her eyes on him and looked for a long time, he had changed, he was different.
His hair fell around his ankles. She asked again four times and four times the answer was yes.
The young man chanted the chants that he had learned and he chewed the Blue Gum. He then blew in the four directions and they found themselves in a home like the Man of the Mountain.
It was then that the young man heard the maidens coming for their wood. When they opened the door the young man blew at them with the Blue Gum and they fell back. He also heard them whispering about the beautiful goods that they saw inside his dwelling.
Then the young man led them to the forest and cut wood until they each had their lode. they carried the wood home and were ashamed of themselves. And also glad that he had helped them...

I am what I am


  1. I'm definately waiting for the ending to this story! Thanks for sharing it. Great writing, and so interesting.
    "Louisiana reader"

  2. What a wonderful story Mike, I am enjoying it all.

  3. Wonderful story !! I read all the parts of this one !!

  4. Mike: What a change has happen to the young man, it is so interesting to follow.

  5. Good comes to those who wait.