Saturday, March 20, 2010


This is kind of a long story, so I'll have to break it up into several sections.
Now when the Great Gambler was sent up to the sky, the Sun wanted the people to know what medicine the Gambler used and took up to the sky with him.
So he made a plan:
There is a place called Gaeye net be'e at the foot of Mt. Taylor. There it was that a poor woman lived who worked hard for a living. The Sun "visited" her in secret and she brought forth a baby boy.
After he was about ten or twelve, every morning he would run a race around Tso dzil. Thus he became a great runner.
The two left Gaeye net be'e and went to live at Tse be' y i, the Place Where the Poles Hold Up the Rock, Pueblo Bonito.
Now at this time it was the peoples custom to offer turquoise stones in the split cliff rocks. And it wasn't long before the woman discovered this place and picked up all the stones and went and exchanged them for food. After the second time the people began to question as to where she got her stones.
It was finally assumed that the stones must be the offering stones. So they went to the place and they found her tracks. After reporting back to what they had seen, the head of the people decided that the woman and her son should be killed.
The two heard of the plan to kill them and they quickly left that part of the country. From there they went to a place opposite Farmington. People were living under a big cliff at that time.
They lived off of what they could find, and some people gave them food. Others drove them off and were cruel. And it wasn't long before the same thing happened.
The woman discovered the place where they were making their stone offerings. Once again she gathered them up to exchange for food. And once again she was caught.
Once again it was the plan that they should die, and someone told them of this plan. So the woman called to her son and they left that place.
They followed the ledge of the rock so that their tracks would not be seen. They stopped at a place opposite Fruitland and built themselves a little home there. There the seeds were plentiful and every once in a while they killed a rabbit or a rat.
But even there they were discovered. So they left that place and went to the Hog Back Mt's. And built themselves a little house there. Today this place is called Kinda Ligene, Little Ruin On The Side Of The Rock.
There they made grass mats for the floor and grass mats to cover themselves. They made robes of rabbit fur that were small at first, about the size of a saddle blanket, but later they were larger. By this time the boy had grown into a youth....
I am what I am


  1. Oh how can you leave me in suspense like this Mike? :)

  2. Glad I waited for this story so I can read more now. Not nice to steal.