Monday, March 22, 2010

The Beggar's Son, Part V

The head of that little village had two daughters that were very beautiful, their names were, To chine'e, and, O chine'. They were well guarded and their father kept watch on them. One day the elder daughter went to the spring to fill her water jars.
There the young man was waiting, for he knew that she would be there early in the morning. She knew that he was standing there while she filled up the jars. But she did not look up at him. The young man asked her for a drink of water. So she dipped her dipper in the spring and gave it to him. He said," No, I want a drink from your jar." She threw the dipper away and got some from the jar and he took it and drank some and threw the rest on her.
She just brushed off the water from her clothes, still not looking up at him, she began to fill the rest of her jars. Then the young man blew on the jar with the blue gum and it tipped over. She just filled it back up and he blew on it again and it tipped over. This he did four times, and finally she looked up with a smile and asked," How did you do that?" And the young man gave her a piece of the blue gum and said," This is how I do it." So she put the piece of blue gum in her mouth and blew on the jar and it tipped over. She did this a second time and then she let the young man become her husband.
After returning home with the water, her father told her to "make water." When he saw that she had benn "visited" by a man, he went to the spring and there he measured the track with a stick. When he returned home he called all the men out and measured all their feet. Every man's foot was too small. So the father went to all the neighboring villages and measured all the men's feet there also. They were also too small. The father wound up traveling far and away searching, but could not find anyone with that size foot. So he returned home wondering whose track he measured.
Now the Little Breeze told the young man that her father would never guess where to go. So the young man used the chant, that he had learned, that drew people, and the father remembered the poor woman's son. The little breeze told the young man that her father was coming, and the young man chanted until the arrival of the father.
The father came in and sat down. The young man lay on his back and the father measured his foot, an exact match. The father said, "Son-in-law, do you know that you are an expectant father?"
When the father went on his way, he could see as he neared his home , that there were people about the house preparing for the birth of the baby. A baby boy was born.
The people made ready to carry the baby and gifts to the young man.They carried a basket full of meal. And they chanted many chants as they walked. As they neared the young man's house, they played and laughed.
They brought the baby inside and laid him in the young man's lap. Then they washed the baby. While they were washing the baby, this is the chant that they sang:
I am the Sun's Son, into my hands he is given
I am the Son's Son, into my hands he comes
He has for his moccasins the turquoise moccasins, into my hand he comes
He has for his leggings the turquoise leggings, into my hand he comes
He has for his garment the turquoise garment, into my hand he comes
He has for his earrings the turquoise earrings, into my hand he comes
A perfect turquoise is placed on his forehead, it comes to my hand
He has for his feather the turquoise feather, it comes to my hand
He is The Turquoise Boy, and he comes to my hand
Nothing can harm him as he comes to my hand
Like the Most High Power Whose Ways Are Beautiful, he comes to my hand
For all is beautiful before, behind, above and below, and it comes to my hand

The people made their gifts to the young man, then they brought his wife to him. He then gave them all gifts of venison and they carried home a quantity of meat.
When the people returned home it was found out that they had brought the younger sister to be the young man's wife also......... He had a baby, and two wives.
The next day, the young man went to the home of his father-in-law. And he was given a Long House, his mother remained in the house that the young man had spoken into existence along with all the beautiful goods...


  1. How wonderful!! I am hoping you will tell many of these beautiful stories Mike plus a whole lot more on the lifestyle of the people. It is a fascinating subject.

  2. So wonderful! I feel like the daughter of the Sun because of the gift of you coming into my life. But only one wife please.
    You are an excellent story teller.